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1:11 Time To Go See You (2021)

What Zabb Man! (2022)

Other name: รักวุ่นวายนายรสแซ่บ Mr. Rozabb's Chaotic Love Mr Rossab's Chaotic Love The Chaotic Love of Mr. Rossab


Poon is a hardworking guy. Ever since his parents passed away, he quit school and started working to provide for himself and his little brother. Poon opened a somtum stall in front of his rented house but could barely make ends meet. That was until one of his customers recruited him as a chef for a hotel owned by his friend.The hotel owner, Tian, is a young and hot-headed businessman. They had actually met each other before and they had bad impression of each other. When Poon found out that Tian was the hotel owner he immediately refused to work there. However, Tian challenged him to do the job and, not wanting to be looked down at, he decided to accept the position.Tian fell in love with Poon's food once he tasted it but didn't want to lose his face, so he told Poon that the food was horrible. These two always fought when they see each other. But after some time, their daily spat grew into something special.

Country: Thailand

Status: completed

Released: 2022

Genre: BL Food Romance

What Zabb Man! (2022) trailer:
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